dr.com Mini UPS

DRU - 6000  ( Power Backup for your Wifi Router )

Enjoy Uninterrupted Wi-Fi even during the power cuts with the help of dr.com Mini UPS Plus – a power backup for your Wi-Fi Router. Using the UPS with any device other than a WiFi Router may damage the device. To be used only with 12V WiFi Routers

Mini UPS - Specifications

Input Voltage 12V±5%
Input Current ≤2000mA
Output Voltage 12V±5%
Output Current ≤2000mA
Cell Capacity 22.2W / 6000mAh
Product Size 25 x 60 x 110mm
Working Temperature ~20°C~65°C

UPS Compatibilty

30 Secs Installation

Step 1

Unplug the existing connection of the Power Adapter from the AC Mains and WiFi Router.

Step 2

Connect the output of the AC adapter to the "DC IN" port of dr.com Mini UPS, and use the required extender input cable.

Step 3

Use compatible output cable to connect the "DC OUT" port of Mini UPS to WiFi outer DC IN port.

Stay Connected. Uninterrupted

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