Role of fibre optic in digital India

Optic fibre cable contributes a major pie of the Indian telecom carriers expenditure on creating digital infrastructure which is also a backbone to achieve Centre's ambitious Digital India Vision.

Digital India Vision

In its Independence day speech on August 15, 2020, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised optical fibre connectivity to all six lakh villages in 1,000 days.

Digital India Initiative

The vision of ‘Digital India’ that the country has embarked on has made omni connectivity inevitable.

Under the Digital India initiative, the Indian government aiming to supply internet access throughout the whole country, connecting 600,000 rural citizens to bridge the digital gap between cities and villages through fibre optics network.

No business, modern or traditional, can sustain without linking to the web, not to mention the obvious, industries relying on real-time data exchanges. With the advent of Internet and ‘need for speed’, Fibre Optic (Fibre-to-the-home) is a pre-requisite more than it is a luxury. WFH culture accelerated by the great pandemic CoVid has every home in INDIA asking for more Bandwidth. To imagine home without internet during exams or vacation, especially for children of this generation.