Armoured Cables: Types, Benefits.

Armoured Cables are installed in Outside Plant Applications (OSP) suitable for indoor duct and direct-buried installations. The cable has a very high compressive strength and the amouring provides protection against rodents and other types of likely mechanical damage. Available in a variety of designs such as non-metallic steel tape and steel wire armouring cables. These cables are made up of different layers that provide added strength and durability, making them suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

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Optical Fibre Pigtails

Optical Fiber Pigtails are an important component in fiber optic cabling infrastructure. They are used to provide a reliable, high-performance connection between optical fibers & other devices, such as switches, routers, & servers. In this article, we will explore what optical fiber pigtails are, their differences from optical patch cords, & their various classifications based on fiber type, connector type, interface polish type, application environment, fiber count, & splicing.