Designed to support cable and satellite signal transmission with minimal static and maximum picture quality, dr.com’s low-loss RG6 Cable is small in diameter (18 AWG) and easy to bend.
It features excellent bandwidth capabilities, low capacitance and double-sided foil shielding overlaid with a dense tinned copper braid. It also strips and terminates easily for quick deployment.

Applications & Features

Thin and easy to bend
Compatible with GHz level signals
Minimizes static
Better signal quality
Superior protection from signal interference
Minimizes picture quality


RG6 copper coaxial cables are true professional-quality cables for residential use. They carry an ETL listed CMX rating. They are also swept-tested to 3000 MHz to assure excellent off-the-reel performance. A foamed dielectric provides ease of handling and improved electrical performance while the foil/braid shield combination protects the signal from interference.

Applications & Features

18-gauge solid bare copper center conductor
Quad-shielded 60/40 aluminum braid
CMX-rated flame-retardant jacket
Sweep tested to 3GHz
UL listed
1,000ft box